Big Brother fans furious after REAL reason Arthur Fulford quit is kept under wraps

BIG Brother fans have vented their anger after the show didn’t explain why Arthur Fulford quit.

The shock news he was leaving the show was revealed on Sunday and viewers expected the decision to be explained in tonight’s show.
Arthur Fulford quit the show on Sunday but Big Brother has been accused of not revealing the real reason
However Channel 5 kept the exit short and simple and told viewers: “After a confidential, off camera conversation, Arthur will not be returning to the house.”

Fans then watched as the housemates were informed of the news.

Sukhvinder was stunned and shouted: “Arthur, you d**k! You should have stayed.”
In tonight’s episode, the stunned housemates were told the 24-year-old had left
Raph was asked to pack Arthur’s bags and take them to the diary room.

He couldn’t hide his sadness and as he picked up Arthur’s bags he said out loud: “I’m so sorry mate.”
Raph was asked to collect his bags and pack Arthur’s belongings
After a few minutes, the show resumed its normal pace and teased the upcoming eviction.

Fans weren’t happy and went online to reveal their upset at the lack of explanation.
On Sunday night’s episode, fans watched as Arthur appeared to upset nearly every housemate in the house – including calling Tom Barber a “c***” and Joe Quaranta a “d***head”.
Arthur’s behaviour after Sunday night’s episode left fans divided
He also trashed the kitchen when he couldn’t get into the pantry, emptying a box of porridge oats onto the floor before storming into the diary room.

As a result, Lotan Carter, who had been defending the housemate, declared he was “no longer taking responsibility” for his pal and admitted that the attitude was beginning to grate on him.

Throughout the day, Tom, Joe and Kayleigh were all called into the diary room with immediate effect in order to have them calm down and prevent the arguments turning physical.
Tom swiped out a table top in anger after Arthur called him a “C***” in footage filmed hours before he quit
The controversial contestant’s departure was announced in a post on the official Big Brother Twitter page on Sunday afternoon.

The message did not give a reason for his exit, but it made clear than Arthur, 24, will not be coming back.

It stated: “Arthur has left the Big Brother House and will not be returning.”
Tom Barber blows his top after Arthur Fulford called him a c*** on Big Brother



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