25-year-old woman falls from The Interlace condo and dies

Police are currently investigating a case of unnatural death that transpired at The Interlace condominium yesterday evening, where a 25-year-old woman fell to her death.

Exact details are scant as of writing, despite a number of videos that have been circulating on social media in regards to the woman’s death. Netizens have claimed that the young lady is a helper from Myanmar.

Two of the videos show the woman perched on a ledge of the condominium, as people off camera attempt to converse with her, asking her about the weather in her home country. A highly distressing video taken from the ground level showed the woman in the midst of falling, as the crowd below yells in horror. We will not be linking the videos, for obvious reasons.

Source: https://coconuts.co/singapore/news/25-year-old-woman-falls-death-interlace-condo/


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